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The Innkeeper

Inn Keeper

Next time you are passing the telephone box on Church Street take a careful look inside, there’s a very excited Inn Keeper on the phone. Something amazing has happened to him!

Congratulations and well done to Amy Morgan in Year 3 for the following contribution to the Village Newsletter as part of the school’s phone box project.

Thanks go to Reception class for preparing the Inn Keeper for his exciting telephone call!

You’ll never guess what’s happened…

Yesterday in the night, my inn was full of travellers and people. Suddenly, as I did not know it was going to happen, a woman who looked like she was heavily pregnant knocked on the door. As I opened the door it was not just the woman, there also was a man and a donkey. I felt sorry for the pregnant woman. I said “I’ve got a stable with soft straw which you can make a cradle with”. They were quite happy with it though, I watched them walk off and stagger into the stable.


Then after a while there was a lot of chatter coming from my deserted stable. There was also a bright yellow star above my stable. When the inn was quiet and calm, and all the people were served with food, I went to my stable and there was the woman, the man and the donkey and now there was a sweet little baby boy who was lying in the straw cradle. I came a bit closer, I heard the man say his baby son was called Jesus, the Son of God. At first I thought they must be joking, but then I remembered that God had said there would be a boy called Jesus, coming to earth. Then I thought again that it must be true! I asked them and it really was true!

Just then, three shepherds walked into the room with some sheep. They also had come to see Jesus the new born king. At that minute three wise men with frankincense, myrrh and gold came in. They were wearing fine and rich clothing; they also had fine robes with red and gold. They had brought the gifts for Jesus.

Amy Morgan, Year 3

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