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Guy in the Phone Box!

BEWARE! Next time you are passing the telephone box on Church Street take a careful look inside - you may find something interesting!


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The Parish Council have “adopted” the K6 Telephone Kiosk from BT and have asked the School to be involved in putting it to an alternative use as an art installation in the village.

The school is really pleased to be taking up this challenge; we have decided to use the project as an opportunity to stimulate creative writing in the school by regularly installing a well known character, historical or fictitious, using the telephone.

The first challenge has been to our Year 1 children who have been responsible for creating a very familiar figure from our history books.  Along side this, children in Year 5 have written some interesting stories about why they think he might be in the phone box, who he might be phoning and how his conversation might go. We hope that you will enjoy this activity as much as we already have.

Congratulations and well done to Emma Kronig Year 5 for being our first Village Newsletter contributor for this project. Here's her story:



Guy Fawkes in the telephone box by Emma Kronig, Year 5

As I was walking past the phone box near the bench, I saw Guy Fawkes in the box and decided to sit on the bench and eavesdrop on what he was saying. This is what I heard:

“Hiya there Ricky . . . I’d like a Parliament Pizza with explosively hot chilli and gun-powdered cheese!!” cried Guy.

“Really, it tastes just like a bonfire in your mouth,” replied Ricky the pizza man.

“Great that sounds DYNAMITE!!  You bring it round on November 5th, we’re having a party at my house . . . oh, of course, my address: 37 Bombing Road, Near the Fireworks Factory.  See ya. Bye-bye.”

I gave a sigh of relief at the thought of no blowing up or explosions, because Guy was only ordering a pizza takeaway from Pizza Hut!

More creative writing by Year 5

Guy Fawkes in the telephone box by Wilf Paduano

“Hi Catesby, how’s the . . .”

“Don’t say my name, you fool!” shouted Catesby.

“Oh, sorry,” replied Fawkes. “Anyway,” he whispered, “how many barrels have you loaded into the cellar?”

“Thirty,” replied Catesby, “we are nearly ready, just six more.”

“Who’s going to light the fuse?” asked Fawkes. “You?”

“No,” replied Catesby, “you.”


“OK. If it must be me,” said Fawkes “I’ll sleep in the cellar and light the fuse at 11 o’clock and then we will run away.”

So Fawkes slept in the cellar but when he woke up, he was put in chains and we all know what happened next.

Guy Fawkes in the telephone box – by Kevin Cai

I was walking to school when I came across the telephone box and I saw a mysterious man.

I soon realised he was Guy Fawkes! I rubbed my eyes to see if it was true. It was. I put my ear to the side of the telephone box where he couldn’t see me. I heard him say that he had the gunpowder and he was heading to a school. I wondered what he was going to do and then it hit me, he was going to blow up our school!

I listened some more to make sure that I heard correctly. I had. Then I heard him arguing for a while, when he said he was going to destroy the school at 6pm tomorrow night.

I took out my phone and video taped him and ran to the school and the police station to show everyone the video. The next morning I was watching the news and Guy Fawkes had been arrested. I sighed with relief and smiled.

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