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Year 5 Maths Challenge

On Thursday 15th May four members of year 5 went to Melbourn Primary School for the Year 5 Maths Challenge. We were up against 6 other teams: Duxford, Harston & Newton, Babraham, Bassingbourn, Melbourn and Fowlmere.

There were 4 rounds including a memory round. Two members from each team went to look at the picture; it was a 5-by-5 grid with mathematical symbols like the square- root sign, the infinity sign and the percentage sign. The grid also had numbers around the edge and we had 2 minutes altogether to remember it and 4 minutes to describe to the other 2 team members what it looked like and for them to draw it. Team Shelford got a point for that because we got it correct.

The estimation round was really hard. The audience could have a go and Lewis’s mum got it exactly right!

Overall we came 2nd. Harston & Newton were 1st and Babraham were 3rd. It was very tiring and by the end of it our water bottles were empty after lots of hard work in the sun and heat. It was a really fun experience; thank you to Miss Ralph for arranging our entry.

Angela  Year 5 

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