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African experience in Year 4

Firsthand experience of visiting Kenya

On Wednesday 5th March, Mr Prisk came into Year 4 to talk about his trip to Kenya with the Scouts when he was younger. We saw lots of interesting photographs. Mr Prisk went to Nairobi, the capital city of Kenya, where there were tall houses and sky scrapers. It was interesting when he told us it was a very modern city and how it was very different to the slum houses. He stayed in a tent in a village and saw lots of amazing animals and also saw Maasai people selling souvenirs. He was very lucky to see a cheetah. We were interested to learn how to climb a coconut tree and some of the tricks he and his friends got up to. He told us that he especially remembered the beautiful view of the Rift Valley and the kindness of the people of Kenya. Thank you, Mr Prisk, for giving us such an interesting talk.

Jasmine,  Katherine  and India

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