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Teaching & Learning

Assessment, Testing and Reporting

We hold formal parent teacher consultations in October and February but you may make a request for an appointment to see the class teacher at any time during the year if you are concerned about your child’s progress. In July you will receive a full written report on your child's progress.

Your child will be formally assessed at the end of Key Stage 2 (age 11 years).

Assessments take place in all other year groups at the same time.

Results achieved at the end of both Key Stages in English, Maths and Science since 2001 have continued to be recognised overall as ‘significantly above the national average.’  There are slight variations between cohorts of children as expected.

In Science the percentage of children receiving scores of Level 4+ is above Local Authority averages. The percentage of children attaining Level 5+ is significantly above Local Authority averages.

Detailed results for the school may be found via the school profile link.

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