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Health, Safety & Wellbeing


If children become unwell in school or have an accident we attempt to inform parents as quickly as possible.  In the event of a serious mishap requiring hospital attention we take the child directly to Addenbrooke's Hospital Accident Service.  In such cases, parents are asked to meet us there.

A register of emergency addresses is kept in school and parents are requested to assist by keeping the school informed of changes in contact numbers.


A copy of the school's Asthma Policy is available on request.  We take our responsibility to pupils with asthma very seriously and seek to work with parents to ensure that this condition is properly managed without being detrimental to the child's progress and happiness in school.  Most children will be responsible for their own asthma medication and keep it with them at all times.


If a child’s doctor has advised that attendance at school is appropriate, the school secretary will administer most prescribed medication provided that permission and full written instructions are given by the child’s parent.

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