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About us - Aims


The Governors, teachers and support staff of Great and Little Shelford C.E. (A) Primary School have adopted the following as their aims:

  1. To provide a caring, supportive and purposeful working environment such that each child may be happy, confident and able to reach his/her full academic potential.

  2. To build a school community based on fundamental principles of respect and consideration for each other's feelings and each other's property.

  3. To expect a high standard of good behaviour such that each child develops honesty, self-discipline and sound moral judgement.

  4. To provide a broad and balanced curriculum at all levels to ensure the effective delivery of the National Curriculum in both foundation and core subjects.

  5. To record each child's academic progress to ensure a smooth transition within the school's classes and a positive transfer on to secondary education.

  6. To encourage regular communication between home and school about each child's academic and personal development in order to ensure their continued success and well-being at school, and also to support parents/carers in this.

  7. To encourage each child to explore and respond to their environment critically, sensitively and imaginatively.

  8. To offer instruction in the principles and practice of Christianity, whilst encouraging both understanding and tolerance of other religious beliefs and practices, so that we may commend the Christian faith to the children entrusted to our care, by how we live and what we say.

  9. To maintain a mutually supportive and lively staff team who share a broad area of expertise and experience which they continually review and extend.

  10. To provide opportunities for creative development in a wide variety of activities.

  11. To ensure sustainable leadership through careful management of workload so that staff can make positive, creative and energising contributions to the life of the school.

  12. To foster an understanding of the potential contribution that pupils can make throughout their lives for the benefits of others, wherever they are and whatever they do.

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